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About Company

Experience the Real learning through Active Industry experts.

Bunch of enthusiastic Ideas behind the Inception to Sumedha

Retool oneself to adopt this sophisticated technological revolution
Right time – Right people, Right demand for high calibrated professionals is endless
Today’s necessity is turning into tomorrow’s obsolete. Learning current trends through ACTIVE INDUSTRY EXPERTS transforms the entire impact of learning
Solidifying a strong foothold in VLSI industry

About Sumedha IT

Experience the real learning through Active Industry experts.

Sumedha always prioritizes to fill the gap between Industry and University by creating a real time exposure to create a Pro engineers. We always provided Semi-conductor Industry to grow with experts and shine in the future.


Innovation makes life easy and we make Innovation easy through our trained engineers.



Incorporating additional and required skills should be part of student’s curriculum.

Functional Aspect of VLSI

Milestones of Sumedha

Sumedha started in 2017 and we are here like this


2018 : Setting up the High end laboratories

Sumedha currently – over 75 direct employer, 63 recruitment companies, 30 industry faculties.

2019 : CAP (Corporate Alliance Program)

This program provides corporate readiness training and required certification for the industry for students and leads to direct placement.


2020: Corporate Dive-In online VLSI program launch

Listed in Silicon Top 10 Best Start-ups in the year 2020 in corporate training.