Overview of Sumedha

Sumedha Institute of Technology

About Sumedha:

Sumedha Institute of Technology is one of the best VLSI and Embedded Systems training institute in Hyderabad  and was setup by Ravi Chandra Chakka and Sudheer Anala plus few other industry professionals having experience in the range of 12 to 30 yrs with an aim of providing industry ready training in the field of Electronics. Currently sumedha offers following job oriented courses.

  1. Certification in ASIC RTL Design and Verification
  2. Certification in Analog Layout design
  3. Certification in Physical Design
  4. Certification in Embedded systems

All 4th year or those who have completed their graduation in Electrical/Electronics ( ECE, EEE, EIE are eligible. These two domains – VLSI and Embedded –  have been chosen keeping in mind the availability of job opportunities in and around Hyderabad ,Bangalore, Noida , Pune and Chennai.

Why Sumedha?

Are you looking for the best VLSI and embedded systems training institute ? You have landed at the right place. Over the years the skills landscape in India has changed drastically thanks to the rapidly changing industry requirements. Traditional educational institutions following static methodologies have not helped industries get employable resources.

Most of the institutes do not teach these two subjects as required by the industry. They fall far short of teaching the student what is expected of him/her  when he/she enters the VLSI or embedded industry because of the curriculum. It is not that the requirements of the industry are very complex. It is here that sumedha’s skill based training will prove useful and add a significant value. The training at Sumedha lays emphasis on sound fundamental knowledge of Design and how this knowledge can be used for implementing the best practices in the industry.  Emphasis has been placed on teaching contemporary techniques along with a proper understanding of the fundamentals. However, in doing so the practical aspects have not been ignored. Laboratory sessions are stressed upon, and the students are exposed to development tools. Every design example that is taught in the classroom is taken to the lab for practical demonstration and verification of the design though simulation. This way, the student is able to appreciate how the theory is connected to practice and how the correctness of the design can be verified in the laboratory.

Our teaching methodology and framework inculcates an “alienated” habit called  “ Innovative learning / Innovation”.

A small step towards nation-building !

          Our Expertise Include :

  1. Sudheer Anala – 15+ years of Experience
  2. Ravi Chandra – 12+ years of Experience
  3. Krishna Srikanth – 10+ years of Experience
  4. N Kodanda Rama Rao – M.Tech, NIT Warangal (PhD, IIT Hyderabad) with 15+ years of Experience.
  5. Samyak G – 6+ years of Experience
  6. Phani D – 6+years of Experience
  7. Charles Daniel – 7+ years of Experience
  8. Mahendar G – 8+ years of Experience
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