Certification Course in Custom Layout/Analog Layout

Custom layout backend is the course for engineers B.Tech, B.E, M.Tech, M.E and diploma graduates planning to make respective career in  as Layout design engineer. The career can be in various aspects of layout including analog layout, memory layout, standard layout, and IO layout. We at SumedhaIT provide training to individual which are specifically designed for fresher’s as well as experienced professional. Well trained staff from diversified background provides rigorous training to the candidates. Which in turn equips them with proper learning of the course and land up in good paying jobs? The Custom or Analog layout design flow has: i) Electrical Design ii) Physical Design iii) Fabrication and Testing iv) Product Analog custom layouts are used in ASIC designs based on the functionality of SOC.Full custom layout that requires greater attention to area and performance than the full digital flow. At SumedhaIT,we take extreme care that every candidate is on the same page so as to understand the process and academically they are sound enough to crack the interview.

In SumedhaIT, the candidate gets exposure to analog circuits and design problems. At the Institute complete theory part is covered with tool based lab session which provides the leading edge to the candidate applying for this course. The basic concepts are strengthened there by making and building confidence to take a shot of complex circuits design. All the course is reinforced with circuit simulation to make easy understanding. More focus is given on strengthening analog circuits basics not just on tools.

Course Syllabus

  1. Introduction to cmos Fabrication steps wafer Formation Photolithography.

  2. Typical cmos inverter fabrication steps.

  3. Typical cmos inverter fabrication steps.

  4. Dual pattern lithography, Finfet fabrication steps

  5. Introduction-Aspect of VLSI design- IC MASK design

  6. Introduction to full custom

  7. Introduction to Semicustom design flow

  8. Foudation Ips

  9. Introduction to CMOS Layouts

  10. Design Rule and how to read DRM

  11. Design of basic gates Layout

  12. Design of NAND4x4 cell, Concept of half design rule

  13. LVS/DRC concept

  14. Interconnects, Sheet resistance, RC delay

  15. Crosstalk, latch up effect, STI stress effects, WPE effects, Antenna effect

  16. Electromigration, Irdrop

  17. Parasitic extraction and delay estimations

  18. Introduction basic buidling blocks of SOC- IPS

  19. Standard cell Layouts- Architecture, Std cell tracks concepts, Abutment and Half rule

  20. Memory Layout desing-Architecture, Muxing concepts, Leafcell concepts, Abutment and verication techniques, compiler flow introdution

  21. Analog Layouts – Concept of matched layout – ESD issues

  22. Integer N PLL

  23. DAC

  24. Student defined projects.


Job prospects in Custom layout

Normally, a fresher is given the work in Layout design & verification. As the candidate gains experience, the candidate moves into other domains based on candidate’s experience and available opportunities at that time. The candidate progressively moves up the ladder and becomes an experienced professional.

The main job functions in the industry can be any of the following:

  • Layout Design of standard cells
  • Layout verification of standard cells
  • Analog  Circuit layout
  • Analog Circuit Layout Verification
  • Mixed signal  Design Layout
  • Block level verification

There are various career opportunities in the field as Designer, Design Engineer, and Engineers. The skill required is of custom design, detailed layout judgement; propose innovative analog design and experience in Analog Circuits. SumedhaIT is driven to achieve success by giving best knowledge to the candidate and getting them placed.The Course duration is of 6 months which comprises of both theoretical and practical sessions. More lab sessions will strengthen and familiarize the concepts in a productive way without leaving any stone unturned. Candidate will get regular support from the faculty in all kind of learning as well as for preparation in interview for the company. Job opportunities in Analog Circuit Design are available for engineers with passion towards Analog design, strong analytical problem solving capability and strong work discipline/commitment. Professors from diverse background contribute and enrich the course makes it more competitive than other institute.

Course duration : 4 months

Course Fees : Rs. 80,000 (including taxes)

Next batch  : Corporate Alliance Program for 2018 & before passouts

Register here : https://www.sumedhait.com/register/

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