Linux Basics

  1. Introduction to Unix/Linux
    • Unix and its history
    • Introduction to Linux
    • Login session
    • Working with the Unix file system (Linux Directories)
    • Linux Basic Commands (ls, pwd, touch, mkdir, rmdir, cp, mv, cat, rm)
    • Handling files and directories (with met characters)
    • Working with vi (visual editor)
    • Linux documentation
  2. File utilities
    • Standard I/O, redirection and pipes
    • Changing file access rights (users and permissions)
    • Soft links and hard links
    • Checking file integrity
  3. Linux Utilities
    • Disk utilities
    • Process utilities
    • Text processing utilities
    • Miscellaneous commands
    • Compressing and archiving (backup and restore) utilities
    • User management, time management and shutdown
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