Programming with Data Structures in “C”

1. Introduction to Data Structures

i.  Why data structures ?

     ii.  Efficient memory utilization and faster access

    iii.  Searching Techniques (Linear and Binary Search)

    iv.  Sorting Techniques (Bubble Sort)


2. Stacks and Queues

    i.  Stacks using Arrays

   ii.  Queues using Arrays

  iii.  Circular Queue

  iv.  Stacks using Linked Lists

   v.  Queues using Linked Lists

  vi.  Infix to postfix conversion of expression

 vii.  Solving Arithmetic expression using stacks


3. Linked Lists

      i.  Operations on Linked Lists – Creation, insertion, deletion, search, display, count number of nodes, reversing list etc.

     ii.   Singly Linked List

    iii.   Doubly Linked List

     iv.  Circular Linked List


4. Trees

i.  Introduction to trees

     ii.  Tree traversals (In-Order, Pre-order and Post-Order)

    iii.  Binary Search Tree (Creation, Display and Deletion)

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