VLSI training for Working professionals on Weekends

Want to change your career to VLSI? Don’t worry SumedhaIT is here to train you.

If you are grilling 9-6 at your current job and still don’t find it fulfilling, it is time to either switch jobs or move up the ladder. Switching jobs or learning a new professional skill while juggling between work and life is a daunting task. And, that is why most professionals get stuck working the same job for decades.While professional development or career booster courses are available in multitudes, covering almost every aspect of professional requirements, not many are practical and readily applicable to one’s job. Yes, the current unemployment scenario also leaves professionals with little or no scope to switch between jobs or start a career afresh. And, to add to these woes, the availability of time is the biggest concern that clouds professionals.
Most jobs demand a strict 45+ hours shift which leaves no time for professionals to pursue any courses or add-on skills. To cater to this void, SumedhaIT – the benchmark institute for career and professional growth oriented courses has brought forth weekend batches for professionals. These courses will help professionals sharpen their skill-sets and help them become more competitive in the current industry. SumedhaIT understands that a working individual is busy on weekdays and do not have the ability to dedicate these days to learning. Thus, they have launched a flexible learning opportunity! Yes, you heard that right… You can now enroll to weekend classes for career oriented courses in VLSI. If you are a recent engineer or someone who is a tech-wizard, you can now opt for Physical Design and Analog Layout courses over the weekends.

Keep up with the trends

With the employment scenario seeing drastic changes, professional courses and certifications have become the need of the hour. The world is changing, the way people do business is changing, the job requirements are changing… and to keep abreast of these changes, a working professional needs to continuously learn in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Job prospects for VLSI

VLSI related job opportunities have taken root in the last couple of years and while this trend is seeing a steep rise, it isn’t easy to find a school or a training institute that has incorporated this trend in its course, until SumedhaIT.
SumedhaIT have designed their Physical Design and Analog Layout courses by maintaining a great balance of technical and professional training aimed to boost your professional growth. These courses cover all the required details of VLSI and related knowledge areas to help professionals learn, develop, and grow. You will learn new things that you can implement in your current job or apply for new roles immediately or gradually while undergoing these fast-track career-oriented courses.
These professional courses will add additional weight to your CV as they will help you gain more knowledge and skills that will help you build your capabilities. Certifications always play a great role in promotions and appraisals. So, with the right course that improves your output drastically, you can negotiate for a better salary or even get a job that will help you explore your full potential.

Courses to help you in changing careers

While it happens that an engineering graduate is working full-time in a call-center, there is no shame to it but maybe you feel drained or see no future in your current career. Or you might feel that you don’t fit well in your current job. And, at the end you decide that it is time for you to shift gears to something more exciting.

But are you well-equipped for the change?

If not, here’s what you need to do. Opt for professional courses offered by SumedhaIT in the field of VLSI. You can choose from Physical Design or Analog Layout and pursue these over the weekends to gain practical industry knowledge that you can apply immediately. These courses are built in a way that are challenging, educational, and fast-track. Thus, these newly launched professional courses are a great chance to help you get out of your comfort zone and develop new skills, which will help you take up your next job or position comfortably.

Why choose SumedhaIT?

Firstly, it is one of those premier institutes that have launched weekend batches for working professionals. SumedhaIT provides industry-oriented courseware and training on VLSI and Embedded systems, using state-of-the-art practical classes.Institutes balancing between theoretical and practical knowledge are rare to find. One such institute that has adapted to the changing needs and provide a curriculum that aptly suits your needs is SumedhaIT. They are one of those institutes that believe skill based training will prove useful and add a significant value to the student’s learning.
With a robust curriculum designed by industry professionals aimed at providing the best training in the field of electronics, students of SumedhaIT are exposed to development tools and extended laboratory sessions. Spearheaded by industry professionals with experiences spanning decades, SumedhaIT has an army of experienced teachers who know how exactly the core industries function.

The Bottom-line

At the end of it all, a professional course should help you achieve your specific goals, a promotion or just learning additional skills. Choosing the right course and the right institution is the beginning block to build a path leading to success.If you are looking to make it big in your professional life, check out the availability of new weekend batches with SumedhaIT.    


Here’s a fulfilling career ahead. Cheers!

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